Audi Pre-owned Vehicle Center, Eching, Germany

The best light for outstanding pre-owned vehicles.

The world’s first Audi Pre-owned Vehicle Center is located just outside of Munich in Eching. Visually, the 45,000 square meter site is separated into the classic Audi Terminal, a 17,000 square meter showroom hall and spacious outdoor areas. A special feature: In keeping with Audi’s slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" (advancement through technology), only solutions based on LED technology are used. With SITECO as a partner, the center installed an ideal solution that meets the brand’s aesthetic requirements with a trunking system that is easy to install and economical to operate.



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Audi Echingen, Germany Streetlight SL 10, Lunis 2, Modario® trunking system 2013 - -