Bålsta Padel Club, Sweden

A lighting solution which is networked with the club's digital booking system and controlled according to booking times.

At the Bålsta Padel Club in Sweden a glare-free lighting solution from SITECO now ensures optimum conditions. Padel tennis, for the uninitiated is a mixture of tennis and squash, played in doubles on a fenced court about 25% smaller in size than a traditional tennis court. This sport is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden. In Bålsta, blinding spotlights have now been replaced by Licross® from SITECO. The trunking system not only works more efficiently, it also provides a significantly improved lighting quality with an average of 600 lux. In addition, Licross® could be installed above the side lines of the court thanks to its asymmetrical light distribution. This avoids glare. Another special feature: the lighting is networked with the club's digital booking system and is controlled according to booking times. Johan Bäck, owner of Bålsta Padel Club is enthusiastic: "Light is one of the most important factors to provide our customers with optimal conditions. That's why there was no compromise for us concerning the choice of lighting." 



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