Bindermichl Tunnel Linz, Austria

Tunnel know-how that pays off

Light is one of the most important safety factors in tunnels. The renovation of the two heavily trafficked tunnels Bindermichl and Niedernhart in the Linz urban area shows that this topic can be implemented in a future-proof way while still saving energy and costs. In the tunnel system, SITECO replaced its own NAV luminaires from 2005 with a customized LED solution. The challenge: For reasons of time and cost, the old light points had to be re-used at a distance of up to 22 meters (!), but at the same time an improved, uniform lighting level was to be created, completely without glare. And this is exactly what SITECO achieved by combining a powerful LED platform developed in-house with special lens technology. "With this project, SITECO has proven that its excellent reputation in tunnel lighting is more than justified", says Kurt Portschy, Division Manager at Asfinag. Because the result is impressive: Despite 25% more light, both tunnels now consume 45% less energy in passageway lighting.



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Linz, Austria Customized Solution 2020 - SITECO