Safe on the running track

Ulm, Germany

Safety and nature protection - bundled in one lighting solution


Jogging in the dark feels better with the right lighting. But that's exactly what affects nocturnal canimals and creates unnecessary light pollution. The city of Ulm shows how the solution can look.

  • Demand-oriented lighting on a bike path and popular jogging route on the banks of the Danube.
  • Maximum dimming is used in the idle state without cyclists/runners. Increasing the lighting level when motion is detected
  • Spot running light that exactly follows the position of the cyclist/runner
  • Focus on the need for safety especially of female runners in the evening hours
  • Reduced light pollution and minimized impact on nocturnal creatures
  • Switching/dimming scenarios can be individually adjusted at any time







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City of Ulm, Germany Danube running track, Ulm

SL 21 luminaires, SITECO Connect 11 incl. wireless motion sensors

2021   SITECO