Football pitch Tobbebanen at Nadderud - Bekkestua, Norway

Professional light for future professionals

Those who want to learn to dribble and shoot like professionals need ideal conditions to do so. Tobbebanen at Nadderud has been modernized with new SITECO FL20 Maxi floodlights.

The new lighting replaces a 30-year-old solution, which was very expensive to operate due to many faults and high maintenance. The new solution combines the existing masts with state-of-the-art SITECO luminaires and a control system from DATEK.

The result is a professional lighting solution with high visual comfort and reduced light pollution - all thanks to the optical concept of the Floodlight FL 20 family.

For the young players and their biggest fans on the side-lines, the best advantage is the uniform lighting. Annika Brovold, whose son trains on the ground three times a week says: “Children can play and have fun both in winter with less hours of daylight and late at night in summer. It is very impressive that the light turns on by itself when it starts to get dark outside. It all seems so effortless and very professional. I also noticed that the colours of the players clothing are displayed in perfect clarity and accuracy”.



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Football pitch Tobbebanen  Nadderud - Bekkestua, Norway  FL 20 2020  - SITECO