Helsinki Airport, Finland

Future-oriented lighting solution for the international crossroad in Northern Europe

As different as the airports around the world may be, they have one common characteristic: they need safe, efficient and attractive lighting.In order to realize this, the responsible authorities of Helsinki Airport have decided to choose products of the SITECO outdoor and indoor portfolio. The facades of the two new terminals "Western Terminal" and "Plaza Terminal" have been illuminated with SITECO Floodlight FL 20 mini, midi and micro. The precise light distribution and glare-minimised lighting technology provide the necessary lighting quality and visual comfort and ensures a prestigious exterior appearance. An unique atmosphere that welcomes passengers and provides orientation was created with the SITECO APOLLON® 600x600 in the renovated Non-Schengen departure hall in Terminal 2. "SITECO was already a well-known supplier for us. The choice was influenced by confidence in SITECO´s quality and professionalism, and that the goals set for this lighting project - such as energy and light efficiency, suitable optics, modern luminaire design and reliable technical service life - will be met." Juha Kivistö, Project Manager, Granlund Oy




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Finavia Helsinki, Finland Floodlight FL 20, Apollon® 600x600 2019 - Granlund Oy