Municipalities of Kirchschlag / Steinbach, Austria

True model communities for Dark Sky.

When incorrectly dosed and improperly directed, light can cause harm. It can disturb nocturnal insects, disrupt sleep patterns of residents and even impact air traffic. In taking steps against light pollution, the Upper Austrian provincial government has established various requirements to minimize the damage caused by light pollution. Kirchschlag near Linz and Steinbach am Attersee are the first two model communities to implement the guidelines for outdoor lighting – with sustainable and efficient solutions from SITECO. Innovative optics with precise light distribution and silver-coated reflectors ensure that light only goes where it is needed.



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Kirchschlag / Steinbach municipalities Kirchschlag, Austria / Steinbach, Austria Streetlight SL 11; Streetlight SL 20; DL®20; DL®50 2019 - SITECO