Municipality Benedikt, Slovenia

Energy-saving community

Saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions are the major issue weighing on the minds of towns and cities. Municipality of Benedikt, Slovenia, has reduced energy usage by 80% with the help of SITECO’s solutions – and the benefits do not stop there: The money being saved by the town is taking pressure off its budget. The new lighting system also meets the country’s dark sky requirements. The long-term solutions facilitate stress-free, future-proof operations.

Benedikt is using Streetlight SL 20 micro and mini in its new streetlight system. The power used by the lights can be lowered by 50% and 30% respectively with the help of a nighttime electricity reduction system. The church is illuminated by Floodlight FL 20 mini. The system’s light is gradually reduced down to 15%. In the renovated sports hall, floodlights and sensors team up to produce a constant level of light based on the amount of available sunlight. In the process, the town is fully tapping its savings potential with the help of SITECO.



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Municipality Benedikt Benedikt, Slovenia SL 20, FL 20 2021 - SITECO