Software parc Hagenberg, Austria

Lights on for modern workspace in the Softwarepark

High-tech companies need high-tech equipment, also in terms of lighting. Because without the right light, architecture, technology and spaces for creativity are of limited use. The Austrian IT companies COUNT IT Group and ventopay have therefore equipped their new office building in the Softwarepark Hagenberg with lighting solutions from SITECO - in line with all the rules of the "New Work". Here, work and leisure merge: office space meets outdoor lounges, idea cubes and even a slide. In the offices, elegant black Silica® luminaires emphasize the open architecture and create a friendly atmosphere with glare-free light. Flexible arrangement of all workstations is possible underneath, ideal for agile project teams. Together with highly efficient Licross® continuous rows in the corridors and Ledvalux downlights, the implemented lighting concept also supports the sustainable design of the complex with energy-efficient technologies all around. A little bit of Google "Made in Austria" with SITECO.

"With the office building in the Hagenberg Software Park, we are creating new working environments in which people feel comfortable, enjoy working and find time to relax during breaks. An important factor here are trendy light scenes and perfect working light, which we achieved by using luminaires from SITECO, says Peter Berner, CEO of COUNT IT Group.



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