Tampere Airport, Finland

Siteco Light welcomes the passenger of Tampere Airport.

All airports rely on light. It is used to accentuate the architectural features of terminal buildings, provide relaxing, sustainable environments for passengers and staff. Light should ease wayfinding and provide safety and reassurance for travellers. With the new modern and highly efficient luminaires from Siteco, all requirements could be realized with the additional benefit of significant energy savings. "SITECO was able to deliver the luminaires within the desired, fast schedule. We got fast professional service and technical added value. As end result we gained uniform, high-quality and also impressive airport area lighting that we are very happy about. Co-operation with SITECO was very good during the whole project." Hannu Korpela, Finavia Oyj



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Finavia Tampere, Finland Streetlight SL 20; DL®20; DL®50 2019 - SITECO