City of Weil am Rhein, Germany

Esthetics or Efficiency? Both!

Saving energy and CO2 – that is the major issue of the future facing cities and municipalities. The example of Weil am Rhein with its symbiotic relationship between technology and esthetics shows how that can be achieved with SITECO’s help. The city administration has been switching its public lighting over to SITECO’s LED solutions for years now. Mayor Wolfgang Dietz says: “SITECO is a partner that we can rely on. The quality of its lighting is absolutely compelling.”  The city uses Streetlight SL 11 luminaires along with SITECO Connect for streets, walkways and cycle paths, Floodlight FL 20 for area lighting, GLOCKE LED for sections of the historic old town, Mushroom Luminaires featuring Module 540 for the famous Three Countries Bridge and Litepoles at the Lizard Park, an enclosed habitat for small lizards. With this mix of technical and decorative solutions, the city is combining orientation and safety with attractive design and nighttime ambiance for both inhabitants and visitors an outcome that is both visually and numerically compelling: the city now makes a 50 percent energy saving per annum.



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City of Weil am Rhein Weil am Rhein, Germany Streetlight SL11; SITECO Connect; Pilz; Glocke; Litepole; Floodlight FL20 2020 - SITECO