Floodlight FL 21
Reliable as always. Flexible and smart like never before.

Floodlight FL 21 - pioneering multi-talent with iQ!

Parks, industrial sites, sport halls and small outdoor athletic facilities. Floodlight FL 21, the newest generation of our popular family of floodlights, reliably performs its job day in and day out – and it does so in the most flexible, smart and environmentally conscious manner ever. Three sizes, a range of connection options, refined product design and brand new control options with SITECO iQ make it all happen.

The result is smart, intelligent light that delivers the maximum performance necessary to meet your very special needs.

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Sustainable product design

"Green" light with exchangeable components (LED module + ECG) and glass cover for single-type separation. 

Intelligence included

In addition to DALI and multilumen variants also available with Smart Interface and SITECO iQ, the highly talented light with multiple functions.

Strong family. Flexible light concept

  • Flexible concept that comes in three model sizes and packages of 3,000 to 40,000 lumens
  • Wide area of light distributions and light colors that come in the insect-friendly range of 2,200K to 5,700K

Floodlight FL 21 - Your groundbreaking all-rounder


Asymmetrical: PL43, PL64, PL52, PL61, PL33T | Rotationally symmetrical: RS07, RS12 | 2.200K CRI70, 3.000K CRI70/80, 4.000K CRI70/80, 5.700K CRI90


iQ Comfort | iQ Professional - Street-Remote | ON/OFF-Multilumen | DALI-AC/DC (size micro, mini) | Smart Interface top/bottom, top (size mini, midi)


Micro | Mini (in three power levels), with PG screw connection for through-wiring | Midi (in two power levels), with through-wiring


Flexibility in mounting? Sure!

Mounting bracket or rather design bracket? And perhaps two floodlights on the mast? With the FL 21, everything is possible when it comes to mounting.

  • Mounting bracket (all sizes)
  • Design bracket (micro/mini)
  • Single/2-fold connection (all sizes)
    • available as post-top and side-entry version

FL 21 at a glance

Product details, specifications -
you can find everything at a glance in our FL 21 flyer. 

FL 21 Flyer - download now!