Refurbish you lighting now. 

If not now, then when.

In the SITECO Light Audit, our specialists will show you the current possibilities and produce the facts at your location. Hand in hand with architects, lighting designers and electrical contractors, we translate your functional and design requirements into ideal technical solutions – and always make them tangible thanks to state of the art visualization.

Clarity about your cost and energy saving potential.

The light audit provides complete transparency about the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your existing system. Data loggers are used to determine relevant factors such as typical movement patterns, natural daylight input or temperature. Our lighting consultants design a solution that is based on your requirements and tailored to your needs – often with energy savings of more than 80 %.

Whether lighting renovation or new construction: the SITECO TCO calculator provides clarity about your cost and energy saving potential. With the TCO calculator, we offer a simple way to compare both the relevant cost factors and the energy and CO2 consumption of your old/comparison system with a new system from SITECO.

The total cost of ownership describes the total costs of the lighting system over the entire period of use and establishes the central basis for an investment decision. All major parameters are included in our calculator. The result provides a sound decision-making basis for your investment. 


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